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Eight common reasons banks and credit unions aren’t compliant with unclaimed property filings

With the rise in unclaimed property audits, shrinking dormancy periods, and ever-changing regulation across the 55 reporting jurisdictions, banks and credit unions are having to devote more time and resources than ever to stay on top of complex unclaimed property requirements.

As a full service provider of unclaimed property services, Georgeson has a strong track record of providing banks and credit unions with the right kind of support to help make unclaimed property processes easy to manage, and help keep your most important asset – your customers – satisfied and protected from having their assets escheated.

We can help you:


Identify where your risk areas are and implement steps to mitigate your exposure


Navigate an unclaimed property audit, remediation, and voluntary disclosure agreements


Locate your lost or dormant owners using our deep research capabilities


Educate your owners on how to avoid escheatment, helping them resolve challenges in a clear and transparent manner


Complete your annual compliance requirements


Free up internal resources so you can focus on your core business

No matter what your challenge is, we offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs.


Unclaimed Property Consulting

  • High level and comprehensive unclaimed property compliance assessments
  • Support with Audits
  • Council on Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
  • Due diligence during M&A
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Team training

Owner Location Programs

  • Deep research capabilities
  • Clear and transparent owner outreach by mail and phone
  • Reduced corporate expenses and risk of escheatment
  • Mitigate your audit risk

Unclaimed Property Annual Reporting

  • Industry leading due diligence strategies
  • Filing of reports for all 55 reporting jurisdictions
  • Unclaimed property reports review
  • Dormant accounts analysis

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